Firestem intumescent pipe wraps are suitable for maintaining the fire resistance of walls and floors which are penetrated by plastic pipework, forming part of a drainage, ventilation, document transfer or electrical cable trunking system. They can be used on all types of new or refurbished buildings and are specially useful in residential flats, hotels, offices, hospitals and schools etc.


Fire Wraps can be fitted before or after the installation of the pipes. They operate horizontally or vertically and must be encased in Firestem mortar system or an equally specified fire barrier product approved by Firestem. Fire Wraps are intended to provide fire protection for uPVC/PVC/PE plastic pipes penetrating fire compartment floors and walls. It is therefore essential that they are fixed in a responsible and professional manner.



  • Fire tested up to 4 hours
  • Flexible
  • Non corrosive and water resistant
  • No mechanical fixings necessary
  • Economical
  • For use in restricted locations when Pipe Collars are impractical
  • Flexible intumescent material enclosed in a polythene cover.
  • Quick and simple fixing using self
  • Foe use on pipes 50mm – 315mm in diameter


The Firestem Pipe Wrap is fixed using the self adhesive label. The area around the Firestem Pipe Wrap within the wall or floor must be sealed with the Firestem Mortar as per manufacturer’s application instructions.


The Fire Wrap has been tested by Exova Warringtonfire according to EN1366-3

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