Fire Prevention Products

Firestem is a UK-based manufacturer of fire prevention products and passive fire stopping products. We offer a comprehensive solution for the prevention and control of fire in both commercial, industrial and high rise residential buildings.


To make sure we make your working environment as fire safe as possible, we operate an ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System and regularly and appropriately test our products, after manufacture, to all relevant British Standards. That means that all our intumescent fire products, door seals, ventilation grilles, fire louvres, air transfer grilles and firestop compounds, in addition to the rest of the range, have been tested thoroughly to ensure that they function at the highest level.


Firestem has a reputation for excellent service to consulting Engineers, Architects and everyone who has realised the dangers of fire and has chosen our passive fire stopping and fire prevention products as the right solution.


We have over 27 years experience in providing

  • Fire batts
  • Fire mortar
  • Fire resistant sealant
  • Fire collars
  • Fire wraps
  • Fire pillows
  • Air transfer grilles

Plus a range of other intumescent fire products to the Fire Protection Industry.


At Firestem we invest in our people and we pride ourselves in having competent and well motivated employees who optimise use of available working hours. Our staff is well informed and fully participate in the process of performance improvement and training. Our employees are committed to the achievement of individual and company performance targets.


We continuously invest in the development of our fire prevention product range with the aim of reducing the dangers of fire in the workplace to the lowest level possible.

And day-to-day we are driven by the goal and the knowledge that our fire prevention products such as the intumescent fire products and door seals, have prevented damage to property and saved lives. See our full range of passive fire stopping products and fire prevention products in the ‘Range’ section.

Firestem have a full range of fire safety products for all kinds of buildings

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